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BuilDB helps to manage and share profile builds.
Restructured Menus adds, moves and removes a few menu items.
Alphasort Mods sorts mods using alphabetical order instead of loading priority.

Lobby Settings adds access limiters and remembers your settings.
Lobby Player Info displays information about players in lobby and loadout screens.

Drag and Drop Inventory helps to manage your inventory by easily moving items or pages.
Rename Inventory Pages does what its name implies.
Search Inventory highlights items matching your keywords.
More Weapon Stats provides more details about weapons like accurate reload times, ammo pickup and damage breakpoints.


Marking changes a few things related to how you mark enemies/cameras.
Reload Then Run prevents you to cancel reloading by running too early.
Switch underbarrel in steelsight lets you handle the "Little Friend" more easily.

Full Speed Swarm improves general performance and fixes numerous bugs.
Iter improves pathfinding and fixes numerous map specific issues.

NPC Teammates
Keepers gives players more control on bots and provides new AI behaviours.
Monkeepers manages bots so they carry lootbags like players do.
Crew Ability: Pied Piper makes hostage management easier for solo players.

Enhanced Hitmarkers customizes hitmarkers as you wish.
Saw Helper provides visual assistance regarding sawable things.
Less Inaccurate Weapon Laser makes laser to point closer to where bullets go.
Flashing Swan Song visually tells when another player is in swan song mode.
Fading Contour makes outlines to dissipate gradually.
Pager Contour lets no doubt about what pager is answered by other players.
Bag Contour customizes bag outlines as you wish.
Yet Another Flashlight grants a slightly more powerful flashlight.

Sentry Health Display displays health level and ammo.
Sentry Auto AP sets your sentries in AP mode by default.

Please, Go There extends behaviour of civilians and gives more control to direct them.
Keep it clean! adds more pressure on those who kill civilians (loud only).
Moveable Intimidated Cop adds the ability to move a surrendered cop.
Civilian ! Marker for Drop-ins fixes exclamation mark on alerted civilians.

No Mutants Allowed detects cheats.
No Duplicated Bullets fixes a few synchronization issues (client-side only).
Filtered Camera Beeps makes stealth gameplay less stressful by silencing beeps that concern other players.
Mr. Dr. Fantastic! helps to centralize clues during day 2 of the Big Oil heist.
Make Technician Great Again! extends a technician skill to be able to deal with bulldozers stylishly.
Fix Crime Spree Concealment Modifier ensures a stealth only modifier only affects stealth gameplay as stated in its description.
Goonmod's Custom Waypoints is a significantly extended version of the original mod written by James Wilkinson.

Download T-PACK