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Keep it clean!

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This mod will penalize players who kill civilians.

Cops in disguise are roaming everywhere and there is a risk of 10% to trigger a pager call when killing a civilian (risk customizable in options).

For each civilian killed, the player will be 2% more likely targeted (it's like the 15% of Meat Shield of the Muscle perk).

Additionally, it will boost Captain Winters:
• his damage reduction effect starts as soon as he's spawned if civilian were killed;
• on first civilian killed, time to reach maximum damage reduction is decreased from 40 sec down to 20 sec, spawn chance increment is set to 20% and respawn delay is set to 4 mins;
• on second civilian killed, that time is set to 8 sec and respawn delay is set to 2 mins;
• on third civilian killed, spawn chance increment is set to 40%.
And this loops, so if you kill a lot of civilians right from the start, expect a several visits.

Download Keep it clean!