About PaydayMods

About Payday 2 Modding

The mods on this website are not officially supported by the developers of Payday 2. They continue to allow us to mod the game provided we follow rules of common sense, you can find their original statement below.
Here's the rule: use common sense. Are you screwing up the game for others? Don't do it. Are you blatantly cheating to gain things in an instant that otherwise would take a lot of time? Don't do it. Are you having fun with your mates, they're having fun with you and everyone's in on it? Go ahead. Enjoy yourself. It's a video game after all.

We're developing the game the way we want it to be played. The point of modding is for players to be able to play the game the way they want it to be played. PAYDAY 2 is so far ahead into it's life cycle that a 'common sense' should be prevalent within the modding community.

If you're looking for a 40-page paper on specifically what files to mod and which ones to not or maybe a list of rules and regulations, I will have to let you down.

If it has to come to us having to set aside development time to write a 'mod bible' and start policing the community instead of making another free update like a heist, character or other feature, we then have a serious problem. I hope we don't have a serious problem. If we do, we will do what is necessary to adress it.


Will I be banned for using _____?

Any mod you can download on or through PaydayMods, you will not be banned for using. You are fine to download, use, and link other people to all of the mods hosted here.

What about those on _____?

We can't speak for mods on other websites. We only vet mods uploaded to PaydayMods.