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No Mutants Allowed

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Because of training.

This mod monitors a lot of what players do and checks if it's consistent with everything they've declared.

In broad terms, covered domains are:

  • equipment;
  • interactions requiring skills;
  • interaction timers;
  • damages.

Regarding verification of damages done by players, it currently supports:

  • melee;
  • normal bullets;
  • fire and fire dots.

Note that 1/ melee charge estimation can be affected by network problems, 2/ health ratio used by berserker is rounded before it's synchronized and 3/ lag in cops positions make handling falloff of shotguns a bit difficult. For these 3 points, abnormal values will be reported only when a threshold is exceeded.

To analyze a crash, a crashlog is required. But to analyze a potential false positive or any kind of bug, I need details that can be found in BLT log files (search for tag [NoMA], if a player gets flagged his full profile is stored). So if you have something to report, please provide all relevant information.

Download No Mutants Allowed