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Please, Go There

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This mod lets you send civilian hostages to your custom waypoint. It changes the way they react to their surroundings too.

Use "shout" key to call and "stop ai" key to send to your waypoint or stop.

It introduces a new game mechanic making hostages not listening to you if cops are around (instead of stupidly following you no matter what).

Cops are too close, hostage won't move.

You can shout to restore your influence on the moved hostage by shouting (more details here).

The outline's thickness represents your influence level.

And it brings a few other minor tweaks...

This is an AI mod so:

  • the host must run the mod to enable the new commands;
  • modded clients playing with a modded host have access to the extra interactions;
  • modded clients playing in a vanilla hosted game are unaffected;
  • clients without the mod playing with a modded host are unaffected.

Download Please, Go There