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Iter improves navigation of all AIs.

This is the kind of fun that base game is able to provide.

Main features

  • a reworked algorithm for long paths involving the traversal of several navigation segments
  • a path extender to prevent pauses when changing of navigation segment
  • a path streamliner to reduce silly detours
  • improved congestion handling around navlinks (ladders, jumps, climbing, ...)
  • a bunch of map changes (see below)

Map fixes

Alessofixed a few navlinks
Bank Heist: Xmade sure that AI can always enter the vault
Beneath The Mountainfixed AI access to 2 entrance control rooms
Big Bankfixed guards stuck in inner area
fixed jiggly bus escape
Big Oil D2fixed AI access to computer room of 1st floor if opened with a drill or a keycard
Birth of Skyfixed access to roof of gas station
Boiling Pointfixed issue with blown up wall on the left
Border Crossingfixed navigation near stairs in plane hangars
fixed explosives for tunnel entrance disarmed with no one around
fixed navigation issues leading to guards stuck at Culebras building in Mexico
Brooklyn Bankfixed navigation in the sewers entrance
Diamond Heistimproved performances
Diamond Storefixed door between security room and store when opened by AI
Escape: Garagefixed navigation when some doors are opened with a saw
Firestarter D1fixed navigation blocked even when a random wall is not spawned
fixed navigation when shooting fences' padlocks
Firestarter D3made sure that AI can always enter the vault
Goat Simulator D1fixed an issue where AIs were blocked near a white truck
fixed navigation so AI can enter the exit truck when it's under a bridge
Hotline Miami D1fixed multiple issues with segments going underground
fixed 37 glitchy hiding places
Jewelry Storeadded navigation between a cop car and a parked car
Panic Roomimproved performances
fixed multiple navigation door blockers that prevented segments to be linked
Reservoir Dogs D1fixed navigation when a fence locker is shot open
Safe House Raidimproved performances
fixed spawn of civilian heisters when a player quits
Santa's Workshopfixed an issue with some stairs
Scarface Mansionfixed issues around the crashed cadillac
Shadow Raidfixed stuck guards in the warehouse
Slaughterhousefixed accessibility to the top of a container
Stealing Xmasfixed access to the backroom of the shoe store
fixed a few navlinks
The Biker Heist D1fixed navigation around the bunker entrance
The Biker Heist D2fixed several blocked paths
fixed navigation involving ladders in boxcars
The Diamondfixed blocker and kick script of the front door
Transport: Train Heistfixed accessibility in the entrance of TF-WAGON 1 which is close to TF-WAGON 2
fixed navigation when warehouse's doors are open with c4 or a saw
Watchdogs D1fixed navigation around police car right in front of truck where players spawn
White Xmasfixed sandwich loot drop areas not disabled when helicopter leaves

Map additions

Aftershockadded access to the 4 ladders leading to the bridge
Art Galleryextended friendly AI navigation so they can enter/exit entrance hall when front doors are closed
Cook Offadded roof access from the balcony to the bots
Golden Grin Casinomake vault accessible to bots in stealth
Rats D1added roof access from the balcony to the bots
Rats D2added wooden bridge access to the bots

Special thanks to Malidictus for all the quality input and testing he provided.

Download Iter