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14 May 2019 v0.11 beta: Nope, this mod isn't dead yet!

  • Fixed a crash in v0.1 upon being boosted by Inspire Aced from another player

  • Added "Deployable Scanner": Added the ability to see information about a deployable has by looking at it
  • Displays uses left for Ammo Bags, Doctor Bags, and Bodybags Cases
  • Displays health for your sentryguns
  • Displays whether or not a First Aid Kit has "Uppers Aced" skill
  • Displays remaining battery life of ECM Jammers
  • This information fades away after approximately 1-2 seconds
  • Known issues:
  • You cannot currently view the health of a sentry gun that is not yours
  • Deployable's owner is not currently displayed. I plan to add this soon.
  • Trip Mines do not currently display any information
  • Grenade Cases do not currently display any information (this information is currently disabled due to a crash of unknown origin)
  • This information fades away after time, even if you are still looking at the deployable in question.

  • Added buff tracker for Inspire Basic
  • Added buff tracker for Bullseye
  • Added buff tracker for Muscle/Hostage Taker/misc. constant timed health regen
  • Added buff tracker for Grinder's damage-proc health-over-time
  • Added buff tracker for Anarchist's armor-over-time
  • Re-enabled buff tracker for Hacker's Kluge perk (a kill while the Pocket ECM Jammer is active will grant 20 dodge for 30 seconds)

  • Overhauled Sentry Tracker:
  • Sentry information text now properly displays along with the sentry icon
  • Information text displays health and ammo, or synced approximations if not host
  • Icons now hide/show properly after picking up/placing new or repeat sentries
  • This text information is colored differently based on which player you are in the lobby (host is green, player 2 is blue, etc.)
  • The icon is colored differently based on which firing mode the sentry is in (green for AP rounds, blue for normal)
  • Known issue: The sentry icon does not display suppressed sentries any differently. I will resolve this in a later update.

  • Fixed buff tracker not accounting for armor when calculating dodge (Sincere thanks to Solo Queue Pixy for showing me why!)
  • Fixed incorrect deployable count for wrong slots when switching deployable slot when using Jack of All Trades (Sarcastic thanks to Overkill for causing this bug!)
  • Fixed incorrect deployable count when picking up own sentries in non-selected deployable slot when using Jack of All Trades

  • Fixed incorrect position for Voice Chat HUD Indicator.

I'd like to remind you that you can choose to show or hide these buffs at any time in KineticHUD's menu. There is such a thing as "too much information!"

Download KineticHUD