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KineticHUD, or KHUD, is an informational HUD (Heads-Up Display) BLT mod for the video game known as Day of Paying II: Source: Revengeance: WolfQuest: Lost Coast: Electric Boogaloo: Forsaken: Return of the Jedi: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. Loosely inspired by the HUD in Bungie's game Destiny 2, KineticHUD was designed to show the maximum amount of information possible in a stylish way, and maintaining a robust balance between information, functionality, and a clean aesthetic. (I'm terrible at naming things.)

This mod is in early development so it's gonna look ugly at first! Some planned features may be missing, and it may initially be fairly hideous until I push out more updates, but for all intents and purposes it is playable and stable. I welcome feedback!



  • Visualise and track timers and traits, such as Inspire Aced Cooldown, your current Berserker damage multiplier, or current dodge chance, all calculated and displayed in real time.
  • Customizable, so you only need to see the things you want to see.
  • Everything else can be disabled independently, if you want this buff tracker with other mods.


  • Don't be caught with your pants down in front of a camera when the ECM wears off! ECM Rush with perfect timing.


  • Know where on the map you and your teammates are by name, like in PAYDAY: The Heist. See screenshots for example.


  • See Sydney! See Sydney Run! See Sydney Stop Running Because She Can't Tell How Much Stamina She Has! See Sydney Subsequently Assaulted By A Cloaker! Alternatively, get this mod, and See Sydney's Stamina Supply Shown On-Screen.


  • Let the bodies hit the floor, and know exactly how many are there because of you. (Currently only shows kills with primary + secondary weapons)


  • You may choose to display your ammo as every other video game does, where the ammo in your current magazine is not counted towards your total ammo reserves. This can be enabled or disabled in settings.


  • Built-in visual Down Counter HUD element (sync-compatible with other clients who have Down Counter Standalone)
  • Down Counter settings can be extensively customized in the menu.


  • KHUD™ QuickChat: With a simple voice chat command menu like Team Fortress 2's, communicate more efficiently while keeping your head in the game! Or just spam voicelines at people. That's cool too, I guess. I'm not judging.
  • KHUD™ StopQuickChat: Stop those immature idiots from spamming voicelines at you! Mute individual players with the in-game menu to stop them from using voice lines, or blacklist specific lines from being played by anyone at all. Also works against Basic Voices, PocoRose, and other similar mods.


  • Know who's talking! Creates an indicator icon for the player who is speaking using in-game voice chat.


  • Disabled by default- you can enable this in settings!
  • Can change color depending on whom you are aiming at- crosshair turns red when aiming at enemies, green for civilians, and blue for teammate AI.


  • Useful for map navigation. Most useful when playing with other people who have KineticHUD.


  • Want to stop those Tasers from wasting your ammo? Forget to bring a suppressor and afraid you'll accidentally fire a shot and ruin your teammates' stealth? Bind a key to toggle your weapon's safety! Works with all weapon types. HUD element included.


  • Visible HP/Armor numbers: See both a visualization of your/your teammates' armor/health, as well as the actual numbers.


  • Displays the current assault phase (anticipation, build, sustain, regroup, fade, etc) as well as a timer for that phase. Requires you to be host, or for host to also have KineticHUD, as this information is not normally synced.
  • Fixes a couple of bugs in the game: eg. armor HUD element does not visually break all of the way, leaving a tiny nub of armor in the radial circle even at 0 armor.
  • "Unusual" effects for the worthy heisters- notable contributors/testers, etc. Or donators, if you want to throw money at me
  • Some other secrets ;)

More info on the modworkshop page or the github.

Download KineticHUD