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This mod will make medics save civilians when they take fatal damage. I'm tired of shooting civilians being the only way to deal with them when you run out of ties. I'm tired of them running out into firefights and dying.

Those things are still going to happen sometimes no matter what, but this mod might help. Host must have this mod for it to function. This mod is untested in multiplayer, but the sentry-intimidation effect should still work provided host has the mod.

This mod has the following effects:

  • Civilians are saved from fatal damage by nearby medics, regardless of the medic's healing cooldowns. Saving civilians also does not incur the medic's healing cooldown.
  • Nearby sentries will keep fully intimidated civilians on the floor, preventing them from getting up; they must be shouted or shoved to the ground normally by players for this to take effect. Just like in No Mercy!

Planned Features:

  • "Rubber bullets" for sentries when in single-shot mode, allowing them to shoot at civilians in order to intimidate them fully to the ground, like a player can. This will not affect normal sentry function otherwise. (Possibly in stealth-only?)
  • Intimidating a civilian to the ground when the sentry is focused on/pointing at that civilian?
  • Some kind of visual indicator for civilians who are safely within the intimidation aura of the sentry? I might leave it without a visual indicator for balance.

Known Issues: *idk lol

If you encounter a bug, please report it below, and attach any crash log associated with it, and I'll fix it ASAP.

If you need help with any of my mods, please contact me via Discord, reddit, or email.

Download Save The Civilians