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Change Default Gadget Color

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Does THIS ever happen to you? "Oh, no! I'm so tired of having to change my default laser and/or flashlight color from that awful ugly green and/or boring white!"

Well, worry no more! That's what this mod is for!

Now works on Legendary skins...?

This mod changes the default laser/flashlight color for your weapon gadget attachments in the black market. It also changes the default sight reticule texture/color to one of your choosing in the menu, so that you don't need to manually change it every time you apply a sight.

The mod's default laser color is Magenta, and the mod's default flashlight color is pale blue (like an LED bulb). The mod's default reticule color is Red, and the mod's default reticule texture is Dot 3 (Large). Of course, you can change any of these presets at any time in the "Default Gadget Colors" menu.

Your presets will save into the weapon's data as soon as you apply the attachment (sight or gadget). This should also work on normally-unmodifiable Legendary skins, but since I'm a peasant who doesn't own any of those I'm relying on you to test it. /shrug

Throw questions or comments about this mod into the box below, or contact me on Discord.

If you have the Lasers+/New Networked Lasers mod, you do not need this mod, as ALL of its features are included in Lasers+ as of the latest version, Dec 7!

Download Change Default Gadget Color