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Formerly "New Networked Lasers." We're going New Coke, baby!

Lasers+ (or "Lasers Plus") is a Quality-of-Life BLT mod that allows you to change laser and flashlight colors, as well as a couple of inventory features.

Freshly optimized and combat-ready!

The main purpose of this mod used to be to display your laser color to other teammates with this mod, but this feature has been implemented into the game as of Update 161.

Luckily, this mod still has features that the base game does not, such as the ability to change the colors of lasers that are not your own, such as teammates, snipers, turrets, and vault lasers.


  • Customizable R/G/B/A levels with in-game menu for:
  • Your weapons' lasers
  • Your weapons' flashlights
  • Your teammates' lasers (in case those idiots won't stop making their lasers the same color as enemy sniper lasers)
  • Your teammates' flashlights
  • Enemy snipers' lasers (in case you don't want to stop those idiots from making their lasers the same color as enemy sniper lasers)
  • World/vault lasers such as the ones in Big Bank, GO Bank, Golden Grin, or Murky Station
  • Turrets' lasers (for three different modes: normal, reloading, and ECM hacked)
  • BLT Auto-updated
  • Make any lasers or flashlights strobe in different colors
  • Make custom strobe patterns
  • Sync your strobes with other players
  • Laser colors can be updated mid-game
  • Quality of Life inventory feature: Newly purchased weapon laser/flashlight gadgets in the Black Market will default to your selected Lasers Plus laser color or flashlight color, rather than default green laser/white flashlight.
  • Quality of Life inventory feature: Newly purchased weapon sights will default to the reticule symbol and reticule color of your choosing, which can be customized in the menu.

Preview: Team Preview:


  • More organized menu
  • Menu system for strobes
  • Synced Flashlight colors and strobes
  • Blacklist for certain laser colors or colors within a certain boundary (eg. lasers that are too close to the sniper laser red)
  • Code that is not bad

Known Issues

  • Flashlight strobes are not currently networked to other players with this mod
  • "Vanilla Mode:" After selecting any given player/teammate laser override custom color/strobe, if you want to change back to the custom laser colors provided in the base game to attachments, you will need to start a new heist for the changes to take effect. I will try to address this later.


Q: Can I disable other players' lasers so I don't confuse them with snipers? A: Yes. You can set them to any color or strobe you like so that you can distinguish them, or else you can choose to make them invisible. Q: How do I make custom strobes lasers? A: Consult the readme! It's a confusing system at the moment while I write the menu. Also see this resource website for creating desired colors with RGB called ColorPicker. Q: Can I disable [x] feature of this mod? A: You can disable any and all of the features in this mod at will, through the menu. If you just want to change the laser color of enemy snipers, or if you just want to make your own gadgets a colorful, blinding disco-inferno rave of rainbow hell, then you can do that! Q: Do I.... internet? A: Yes.

If you encounter a bug, please report it below, and attach any crash log associated with it.

If you need help with any of my mods, please contact me via discord, reddit, Steam, or email.

Download Lasers+