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Why the name of the mod?

Simple, most of the code when it comes to NPCs or weapons is like a Jenga Tower in vanilla PAYDAY 2, as in, most of it seems random or misplaced, or unnecessary at all. And if you try to change something, there's a good chance that you'll break something else in the process, be that the game itself or the gameplay.


Making GenSec Elites change their presets according to the difficulty. If you do that, when you play on Death Wish, these guys will have the same damage and accuracy (and other stats) that Heavy ZEAL SWAT have on One Down. The same applies to shotguns, where they would end up dealing around 400 per shot even from far away and with almost perfect accuracy. Nobody wants something like that.

So, what about the mod?

Well, there's a good amount of other issues caused by how badly or randomly organized the code is, and the most noticeable ones are:

  • Some enemies use the same preset regardless of the difficulty.
  • Some enemies use one individual preset for Mayhem and below, one for Death Wish and another one for One Down, not only this makes them not scale consistently, but the last one mostly ends up making them weaker.
  • Some enemies (mostly common ones) don't benefit from the speed increase for each difficulty.
  • Some enemies, like the Crime Spree ones don't have health scaling, making them weaker than their normal counterparts.
  • Some enemies or their weapons are cloned incorrectly, leading to unintended behavior and/or stats. ZEAL Marksmen are a good example, basically working as ground Snipers with no laser or shooting restrictions while dealing the same damage. Or Winters' Shields and their ability to do melee attacks when they're not supposed to.
  • All enemies that can be intimidated will have a 90% chance to do so after literally being tickled. And a few enemies have the wrong suppression preset.
  • Enemy scripted spawns don't scale with difficulty.
  • The team AI can't use rifles at all, and their damage doesn't scale with difficulty (though that's a good thing or they would be utterly broken).
  • Weapons have unconsistent or missing stats, especially the ones that are supposed to be reskins, which can lead to weird or unintended stats.
  • Even some presets have nonsensical stats, like Shields having a 0 range entry, when every other enemy has a 100 (1 meter) one.
  • Bulldozers always run, when they're supposed to walk if close to a criminal.
  • Etc.

And the point of this mod is to fix all of them and more, without breaking the game. There are certain things that can't be fixed by just adding a missing entry or value, like the example at the beggining. You need to change something else as well to avoid other issues.

Because of this, every change that was and is made will be mentioned in the following link to avoid making this even longer:

Shitty word document


It might be obvious, but I might as well. The mod is pretty simplistic when it comes to this, only requiring BLT to run and no additional files or other mods (though I recommend using it with Full Speed Swarm and Iter for an even smoother experience).

Just extracting the zip in your BLT "mods" folder is enough to run it, then you can simply update it from the Mod Manager whenever I release a new update.

Download No Jenga Towers Allowed