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Your Opinion, My Choice

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This mod requires BLT.


First of all thanks DMC, B1313, LazyOzzy, Seven et al. and all the folks behind DMCWO, without which this mod and many like it would never exist. Indeed some parts of the back-end use code which was first used in DMCWO, but mostly as a reference. I dislike using recycled code in general, I take things apart and see how they work and put them back together again. The ideas used are similar yet different, hopefully you can see beyond just the superficial, this is NOT just a lite version of DMCWO.

Wait, yet another rebalance mod?

Well, yes, but an actually properly tested and balanced rebalance mod. And tested extensively. With descriptions, option menus and planned future development. Almost every single weapon changed, and 130+ weapon mods.

Done partly as a proof-of-concept, partly to test new ideas and partly to fix a lot of annoyances that I always have had. Crafted with love and care from somebody with 0 lua experience to start.

Note that this mod announces its presence in lobbies.

If you're a coward and are rushing to comment it out you can do it through the options menu, however I highly discourage you from doing this. You can also disable damage falloff, burst-firing/akimbo single-fire as well as the Backup irons for the combat optic and Milspec if you want to. Highly recommend just sticking to default settings though.

Too many changes to list, which is why this comes in handy

Recommended Mods

Hide Frontposts AutoFireSoundFix Weapon Attachment Customizer More Weapon Stats (Note that damage falloff is not shown for ARs, and pickup rates are inaccurate for some weapon mods that affect these values)


You will need BLT for this mod to function, it can be found here:

Once that is installed, put this entire folder into the folder called "mods" in your Payday 2 game directory. If this doesn't exist then create it.

Once done, download the > Latest YOMC Version <

Download Your Opinion, My Choice