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This mod lets you manage and train your converted cops. No longer will your Jokers be gone after a job, you will still have access to them through a menu and can bring them with you on your next heist! Jokers will earn experience for kills and assists and will level up once they have earned enough, which increases their HP slightly. You can have up to 30 Jokers stored and you have full control over which Jokers will be sent out by sorting the list of your Jokers to your liking. Wounded Jokers can be healed for a fee and killed Jokers can be revived for a higher price if you didn't choose to use the Nuzlocke mode. You can also rename and release your stored Jokers, be aware that you'll only be able to see their names ingame if you have a mod that makes use of Joker names, like Keepers or Kill Feed.

Requires BeardLib
Requires HopLib

You can also find this mod on GitHub, so if you want to help with anything, feel free to fork the project, make changes and create a pull request if you're done so I can look at the changes. This is also the preferred way to submit any issues you may have.

Download Jokermon