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Welcome to SandyMod, reborn from a few years ago when work got too much for it. I have started from scratch with the intention of making useless weapons, mods and skills viable. Currently I'm only working on the weapons.

also have staeam group set up here:

Here's a list of all my current changes (there are formatting errors): Weapons: -All bows and crossbows can now pierce armor

-Vulcan Minigun has increased accuracy

<Rattlesnake -Damaged increased to 208, ammo increased to 60

<Thanatos -Damage increased to 5800, ammo decreased to 11

<Lebensauger -Damage increased to 504, ammo decreased to 30

<R93 -Damage increased to 787.5, ammo decreased to 23

<Platypus -Damage increased to 787.5, ammo decreased to 23

<Nagant -Damage increased to 630

<Repeater -Damage increased to 504, ammo decreased to 34

<Car-4 -Rate of fire increased to 800

<AK -Rate of fire increased to 875

Weapon Mods: <Barrels -AK Slavic Dragon Barrel now has +12 stability, increased conealment, damage +4

-CAR-4 Short Barrel stability now +4, damage +4

-CAR-4 Long Barrel Stability now -8

-Gewehr 3 assault pack gives ammo pickup bonus appropriate to it's total ammo.

-Gewehr 3 sniper kit no longer cuts ammo pickup

<Barrels (NOT extensions) -Commando 553 long barrel now gives -12 stability

<Barrel Extensions: -Stubby Compenastor added +4 accuracy

-Firebreather damage increased +1

-Tank Compensator damage increased +1

-Funnel of Fun damage increased to 10, accuracy now -12

<Gadgets -Assault Flashlight now has +12 stability, increased threat, decreased concealment

-Tactical Laser Module now has +4 accuracy

<Foregrips: -Keymod Rail stability now -12

-Crabs Rail accuracy now -8, stability now +12, concealment now -1

-Lightweight Rail stability now -8, concealment now 0

-Battleproven Handguard accuracy now 0, stability +4, damage + 1, concealment -1

-The Tactical Russian Handguard accuracy now +4. stability now -4

-Railed Wooden Handguard stability now +4, concealment now +2

-E.M.O. Forgrip concealment now -1

-Aftermarket Speacial Handguard damage +1, accuracy increased by 4, concealment now -2

-OVAL Forgrip stability reduced to +12 (from +16)

<Grips -Rubber Grip stability now 0

<Lower Reciever -THRUST Lower Reciever now has -4 accuracy and -4 stability

<Magazines -CAR Quadstacked Mag no longer gives stability bonus

-L5 Magazine stability now 0, accuracy +4

-M4 Quadstacked mag stability now 0

<Stocks -M4 Tactical Stock now gives +4 accuracy, +1 concealment

-AK Standard stock now gives -4 accuracy, + 4 stability

-Commando 553 enhanced stock now gives +12 accuracy as well

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Download SandyMod