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Anti Voice Spam 2

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This mod blacklists certain voicelines, so that they can be played and heard normally by their original sources in the game, but cannot be forcibly "spoken" by other players.

For example, if you have blacklisted the cloaker charge sound, it will still play whenever a cloaker charges you, but other players will not be able to play that sound to you.

This mod was made in tribute to Undeadsewer's now-defunct mod Anti Voice Spam, last updated in 2016. Press F to pay respects.


  • Sounds which are blacklisted by this mod will not play from players, but can still occur normally in the game and be heard by you.
  • Players that you mute will have all of their voicelines muted. (Seriously, Overkill, why didn't you implement this in the base game? The option is literally called "MUTE" but it only stops in-game voice/text chat.)
  • You may add more voicelines of your choice to the blacklist. Please see the enclosed README.txt file for instructions.

Blocked sounds: (by default) [spoiler] play_pln_gen_count_17 Play_pln_branchbank_stage1_83 play_pln_gen_urg_01 play_pln_gen_dir_07 play_pln_gen_dir_08 diegetic_club_music diegetic_club_rock_music diegetic_lounge_music cloaker_detect_mono cloaker_presence_loop cpa_a03_01 cpa_a02_01 cpw_a04 cpw_a05 cpa_a04_01 bdz_entrance bdz_entrance_elite cloaker_detect_christmas_mono cloaker_taunt_after_assault alarmbomb camera_alarm_signal alarm_countdown_loop alarm_countdown_ticking_down_10sec alarm_fire alarm_kosugi_on_slow_fade alarm_museum_on_slow_fade alarm_the_bomb_on_slow_fade hitec_lotec_alarm_slow_fade jewelry_alarm_on_slow_fade swatturret_alert swat_explosion swat_blows_window_medium shield_identification c4_beep_loop cm1_burndeath tsr_burndeath tsr_x02a_any_3p clk_burndeath clk_x02a_any_3p bdz_x02a_any_3p bdz_visor_lost santa_hoho criminals_ambition criminals_ambition_instrumental pth_criminal_intent goat_says_meh -- G O Ts goat_says_meh_loop goat_fan_woosh
goat_hang_scaffold goat_headbutt goat_kick goat_lick goat_sleep v34 v35 v55 g29 g60 whistling_attention [/spoiler]

If you encounter a bug, please report it below and attach any crash log associated with it, and I'll fix it ASAP.

If you need help with any of my mods, please contact me via Discord or reddit.

You can leave questions, comments, or feedback here- any feedback is very appreciated!

Download Anti Voice Spam 2