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"So when is Tacticool Leaning: Electrolean Boogaloo coming out" -TonisGaming*

"Holy heck I’m going pro league next week thanks to you!" -EvilBobarino

The second proof of concept mod in the critically acclaimed stupid Tacticool™ series. Tactical Grenade Cooking allows you to press and hold your grenade button (neither HoldTheKey dependency nor a BLT keybind are needed) to cook a grenade, thus shortening its timer.

From Wikipedia: "[This technique] is to release the lever before throwing the grenade, which allows the fuse to burn partially and decrease the time to detonation after throwing; this is referred to as cooking. A shorter delay is useful to reduce the ability of the enemy to take cover or throw the grenade back, and can also be used to allow the grenade to burst into the air over defensive positions."

Cooking a grenade for too long (the fuse time on all grenades is 2.5s, except for Sicario's Smokescreen Grenade, which I have set to 3.5s and disabled detonate-on-stopmoving) will cause you to auto-throw the grenade, which will explode directly in your face. Remember, kids: safety third.

Not all grenades can be cooked- only "explosive" grenades. The full list of cookable grenades is as follows:

  • Frag Grenade
  • HEF Grenade
  • Dynamite
  • Concussion Grenade
  • Matryoshka Grenade
  • Incendiary Grenade (M79)
  • Dr Newbie's Taser Bomb mod
  • Dr Newbie's Medic Bomb mod
  • Dr Newbie's Cluster Bomb mod
  • Dr Newbie's First-Aid-Kit-Bomb mod

Demonstration: (mod v1.1) [img][/img]

Warning: Untested in multiplayer games! You may encounter unintended behavior when playing an online game where someone else is hosting!

Known Issues: Animation for holding + cooking the grenade is kind of awkward, since it uses the non-explosive throwable-hold animation. (See screenshots.) Player viewmodel pulls the pin after cooking the grenade. I can't fix this right now without custom animation tools, or some extremely unwieldy animation-interrupt/splicing shenanigans.

Planned: Reduced throw time for grenades that you have been cooking instead of playing the whole animation, if I can figure out how Make over-cooking a grenade consume a grenade and cause an explosion centered on the player, without playing the throw grenade animation Visual indicator for how long you have been cooking the grenade. Add short delay after pressing grenade key and before starting to cook? Probably not necessary Verify multiplayer functionality/support? Code that is not bad

If you encounter a bug, please report it below and attach any crash log associated with it, and I'll fix it ASAP.

If you need help with any of my mods, please contact me via Discord or reddit.

Any feedback is very appreciated!

Download Tactical Grenade Cooking