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Just a small tool for allowing modders to use held-keybinds more easily. There's only a few functions in this mod, but I kept having to duplicate them in every mod I made so I figured this would be easier.

Maybe something obvious already exists that does this, but I don't know of it/know how to use it, so there.

Main Features:

  • Can efficiently check for held keys every frame
  • Compatible with both BLT and SuperBLT.
  • Check for held keys without iterating through all of BLT's stored keybinds every frame
  • Also includes a copy of the mod "Keybind Restriction Removal" which - can be disabled in the menu. Please remove your copy of Keybind Restriction Removal if you already have it installed!

If you want to mod stuff with this, check GitHub for the full documentation.

Submit a pull request to replace my crappy code with your less-crappy code, if you want.

If you encounter a bug, please report it and attach any crash log associated with it, and I'll fix it ASAP.

If you need help with any of my mods, please contact me via Discord or reddit.

Download Hold The Key