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This is a Down Counter like PocoHUD's (written from scratch.) Downs for each player are visible on the HUD; additionally, this mod may optionally be configured to send a chat message when players go down. This chat-announce feature is disabled by default.


  • Downs are visible as a number inside players' respective health circles. This number starts at 4 (or 5 if you have Nine Lives Aced) will turn red when it is the player's last (1) down, and change to "DEAD" when they are out of lives and in custody (0 downs or below).
  • This mod can optionally only announce a down when it's someone's last down.
  • This mod can optionally just "whisper" the message to you only, and not spam everyone else's chat.
  • This mod can track when someone uses a doctor bag, and how many downs they have restored.
  • You can mute Down Counter in the mod's settings so that it does not output anything (to chat or otherwise), of course.
  • It should be compatible with WolfHUD and all other HUDs or mods, since it does not override any functions. (You should probably not use this with PocoHUD just because it's redundant, but it is otherwise compatible.)

Known Issues:

  • Occasionally miscounts downs- this is due probably either because of lag or me/Overkill coding stuff inconsistently
  • Does not account for other players having Nine Lives Aced. (Should work just fine for you.) Players may be abnormally marked as dead, or as having greater than normal downs, due to Nine Lives Aced not being information transmitted by players. thanks overkill
  • Does not account for existing downs if you join a game already in progress.

Planned Features:

  • MUI-compatible version
  • Will account for other players having Nine Lives Aced if the other player has this mod.
  • Will account for existing downs if other players have this mod.

If you encounter a bug, please report it below, and attach any crash log(s) associated with it, and I will fix it ASAP.

If you need help with any of my mods, please contact me via Discord, reddit, or email.

Download Down Counter Standalone