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Made by Babyforce, uploaded on Nepgear's account.

You need to wait 5 seconds before you can send a message again in the chat so this mod hasn't been made to spam.

Got tired of being cloaked while you were typing "Bulldozer !" ? Got tired of being rekt while you were asking for a Medic bag/Ammo Bag ? This mod is for you.

This mod allow you to display a message in the chat by pressing a single button. There is for now 7 buttons to keybind: 5 buttons allow you to change the text you actually want to be typed in the chat and 1 button will display the text you chose. There is 5 groups which have different texts :

The first group:

  • Thanks.
  • Help!
  • Nope.

The second group:

  • Need a Medic bag/Ammo bag/First Aid Kit here.
  • Medic Bag/Ammo Bag/First Aid Kit here.

The third group:

  • Bulldozer!
  • Cloaker!
  • Taser!
  • Sniper!
  • Shield!
  • Swat Turret Van!
  • Captain Winter!

The fourth group:

  • Add Muriatic Acid.
  • Add Caustic Soda.
  • Add Hydrogen Chloride.

The fifth group:

  • Drill placed.
  • The drill is stuck. Anyone go fix it!
  • The Thermal Drill is broken. We someone go fix it!
  • The Computer has jammed. Someone restart it!
  • Can anyone defend the power?
  • The power, someone reactivate it!

When you push a button, a "hint" appear to show you which text is selected. Once selected, push the "Send" button to print it into the chat. There is a cooldown of 5 seconds between each sending.

If you think I should add text, add groups or remove groups, tell me, I'd be glad to improve the mod.

A very big thanks to Some name here for the timer script

Download Press2Text