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Also known as: Stop Screeching Already


This mod forces chosen characters to use their non-assault speech lines. This only affects your own game - all other players will still continue to hear the normal assault lines from your character and everyone else.

But why? Although Undeadsewer's useful Heister Voice Changer mod already exists, I chose to create this mod anyway to provide a compromise: less annoying speech lines without outright replacing a character's voice. An unintentional but positive side effect of this is that the affected characters usually seem more calm and professional than they were before. But that's a subjective claim, I suppose.

SHIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLD! No. Just stop that, Clover. It's really annoying.

Mandatory Dependencies

(you will be prompted to download this in-game if it is not installed. All dependencies must be installed for this mod to function)


Mod options (old screenshot; new characters will automatically appear in the list)


Installation of the mod is straightforward - simply install the mod the same way as any other BLT mod. This mod integrates its options menu as a submenu of BLT's Mod Options menu.

Notes and limitations

  • This mod affects only your own game - all other players will still continue to hear the normal assault lines from your character and everyone else, so don't go around nonchalantly spamming speech lines since that will more than likely get you kicked
  • Both player controlled and team AI characters will be affected
  • Not all speech lines have non-assault variants (notably smoke grenade yells / complaints), and in some cases (e.g. war cries) they may turn completely silent if forced to that state. This behavior can be controlled in the Mod Options menu
  • Some characters' non-assault lines are still rather screechy / shrieky, so there's nothing more this mod can do to make those characters more bearable for you (you'll need to use Undeadsewer's Heister Voice Changer mod for them)
  • Due to the way the game implements delayed speech, this mod cannot reliably override such speech lines 100% of the time, so a best effort approach is taken for them (in other words, some assault lines may occasionally slip through)
  • No characters are affected by default, so remember to set the mod up using the Mod Options menu first
  • The list of characters in the Mod Options menu is dynamically generated, so any new characters OVK may add in future should automatically show up without requiring a mod update
  • The localizations loading code was from TdlQ's excellent Lobby Player Info mod



0.0.1 / revision 1:
- Initial release / revision 2:
- Fixed compatibility issues with the LuaJIT runtime, which was introduced in U153
- Updated for compatibility with BLT 2.x
- Added an empty placeholder icon (cba to make a proper one atm)

Download Stop Yelling