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Melee Overhaul REvamped

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This mod completely re-works the melee system in the game to enhance your meleeing experience!

Main Features

  • Press2Toggle Melee (Pressing your melee key will toggle your melee weapon.)

  • Auto-charge (While equipping your melee, you will no longer need to hold your melee key since it charges automatically.)

  • Melee Sprinting (If you can sprint with a minigun, you can sprint with your melee most likely...)

  • Door Breaching (Doors that could be shot open can also be busted open with certain melee weapons.)

  • Press [Mouse1/LMB] to Melee (Rather than spamming your melee key, you can hold your "Fire Weapon" button to swing.)

  • Interact in Melee (You are now capable of interacting while in melee mode! There isn't an un-equpping animation currently however.)

  • Deploy in Melee (You are now capable of deploying your equipment while in melee mode! There isn't an un-equipping animation currently however.)

  • Melee While Downed (Save those bullets for when you get back up! You can equip your melee while you are in a downed state.)

  • and more in the future...

Member Exclusives!

Upon joining the Steam Group, you'll gain access to extra cosmetic features in the game! These don't change the mechanics in the game but makes melee a lot more fun to use. Some cosmetic features in M.O.RE include:

  • Decapitations (Enemies lose their heads as blood spews out and their body twitches. All in all, it's pretty gory...) Decapitations Demo

  • Melee Effects (Change the impact effect when you strike your melee.)

  • Blunt Force Trauma (Enemies fly across the level when killed with melee.)

  • Heat of the Moment (Killing enemies in melee will engulf them into flames.)

  • and much more!

Modding License/Disclaimer

You can edit it for personal use, but give credit where credit is due.

Download Melee Overhaul REvamped