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Jon's Classic Gunplay Mod

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JCGM aims to bring back "classic" (pre-Crimefest-2015) "vanilla" gameplay feeling many of us loved and miss, while also providing some realism and "game factor" based balance tweaks.

Gameplay was balanced around and for vanilla gameplay design. This means we decided to don't mess too much with game or guns mechanics, what can pierce shields, armors, etc.

JCGM features TL;DR version:

  • Updateproof, compatible with most mods
  • Modular
  • No deep gameplay changes, good old payday gunplay
  • Fixed "OP" guns, made all weapons useful
  • It's fun

One of the main goals was making all weapons combat and DW viable. See, once upon a time "Commando 553" was an AR king, "Clarion" was brutal, AK5 was a good gun and "Valkyria" was compared to "Meta-4". Overkill's Gun Rebalance which was supposed to "make some unpopular weapons more popular" made some weapons, including some good DLC guns, plain broken or worthless compared to mentioned, trusty CAR-4. With this mod, finally You aren't deemed to use only 3 or 4 "best" guns in the game.


Don't dwell too much on the "unreasonable" stats in-game. STATS DISPLAYED IN THE GAME DOESN'T MEAN MUCH, it shows only a fraction of a game modifiers on how the gun acts. Remember that and thus remember TWO DIFFERENT GUNS WITH SAME STATS DOESN'T ACT THE SAME (due to different recoil patterns and spread cones). The RECOIL IS STILL THERE and "accuracy" is just a modifier of the mentioned cone. If I'm not mistaken there's also the "weight" of the gunparts that somehow affects it's behaviour? So it's not like some guns are just reskins of others. Especially that I MADE SURE EACH GUN HAS IT'S OWN PERKS.

Knowing some people might be unhappy about some changes, I've decided to split some parts of the mod into separate "modules" which can be disabled.

Mod does NOT add any gun parts, extra features like LMG sights, etc, IT'S PURELY A "STATS" MOD, which means it should be compatible with every other mod (apart from other rebalance mods, obviously) out there and for the most part, be update-proof.


Heavier (7.62+) LMG's (MG42, HK21, M240) can pierce through shields so they can be used like actual LMG's and somewhat "standalone" instead of relying on sniper \ HE shotty buddy to take care of shields covering enemy advance (so they can be used like real LMG's and not just AR's with bigger mags and lame damage). It's not really OP given the spread, recoil and damage scaling during penetration.

Peacemaker was beyond saving because of the 1 year long reload, so I gave him 240 damage per shot and ability to pierce shields. Seems that it's somewhat useful now.



For the most part, damage is scaled by the calibre \ class of the weapon.

Most 7.62 mm calibre weapons can pierce through thin materials (doors, window frames, etc).

More realistic magazine ammo counts in terms of some weapons (AR15, M14, Galil...).

Introduced some changes to how DMR Kits affect Your weapons damage and ammo count.

Changed the way LMG's and Minigun are supposed to be used.

KSP 58 (Swedish M240) is now a gun that's supposed to be used like it's real counterpart: supported (bipod position). Not like a KSP LMG (Swedish M249) spray machine retexture. It packs a real mean punch, but will be jumpy as funk if you try to use it unsupported or well, spray.

Mod nerfs pistols to more reasonable numbers, while still not making "pea-shooters" out of them. This makes "Gunslinger ACE" skill important again, it finally provide a difference on DW.


  • Jon
  • Herr Lutter (some coding, help with getting some things done, great feedback, testing)
  • Blaze the Fox (actually pushing me towards doing it, config base)
  • DMCWO (code snippets)
  • Weaboo-san (code snippets)

LICENSE: Do whatever You want with these, just don't cheat and don't put it out under similiar name. Oh, and any credit would be nice. "Have fun... or don't".

Download Jon's Classic Gunplay Mod