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Jacket's Minimap

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Jacket's MiniMap allow you to use a minimap (obvious I know).

Presentation video


This mod have differents options:

  • Enable/Disable the minimap.
  • Enable/Disable the minimap rotation (as your sight).
  • Set the minimap zoom (doesn't work).

The minimap support every pre-planning heists:

  • shadow raid
  • framing frame day 1 + art gallery
  • framing frame day 3
  • branch bank + firestarter day 3
  • the bomb: dockyard
  • the bomb: forest
  • big bank
  • the diamond
  • hotline miami (the 2 days)
  • the golden grin casino(very inacurate)
  • beneath the mountain

Download it here


Most of the credit goes to LazyOzzy for create the original minimap: his original post

Vylaxez just added the BLT menu and it's options.


Email: [email protected]

Steam: Vylax

Twitter: @Vylaxez

Download Jacket's Minimap