Mods Feature Modpack (Bodhi's War Repair)

Feature Modpack (Bodhi's War Repair)

Download Feature Modpack (Bodhi's War Repair)

"SEVEN SCROLLS" SET: A collection of scripts made by Seven that have been converted to the BLT hook for use. In this collection, there are scripts that allow skipping of the black introduction screen to a heist, the statistics screen, and the pick-a-card screen, as well as allowing you to auto-pick a card, changing the colour of a civilian's waypoint when they're pacified, and displaying when someone is using Voice Chat. You can dynamically toggle all these functions with the ingame Mod Options menu, as well as customize any delay periods that you'd like for the skip timers.

UTILITIES COUNT GUI V3.01: The third version of the mod I made to display pager count on the go, as well as adding some functionality provided by this fellow right here. Assign keys to the ingame keybind options to report, add, or subtract your current Pager Count. Hosts who have the mod will automatically update the client's Pager Count, which will both show up blue. If you are not host, then the Pager Count will still automatically update, however if you join in the middle of the game, your Pager Count may be desynced, and will show up red. To rectify this, bind Pager Add and Pager Remove in your Options > Mod Keybinds. Press Pager Add to add one pager to your (clientside) count, and Pager Remove to remove one. Enable Pager Count, Guard Count, and Intimidated Count in your Mod Options as you please; whatever you enable will be logged to the chat when you press your Utilities Count keybind.


Download Feature Modpack (Bodhi's War Repair)