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Extra Attachments Complation

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Adds the akimbo extra attachments, bootleg's attachments, some more new extra attachments like the Saiga-12's Drum magazine, AK's drum mag, the MP5 drum magazine, KSP 58's wolf legendaries, M1911's legendary laser, most legendary parts (Exept the flamethrower) and some forced attachments like the ability to equip the other AK grips on the RPK, and the Brenner can now equip the Gewehr rifle's grips.

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This also includes:

  • LMG Iron sights/scopes
  • Emergency iron sights for the M14, UZI and AS-VAL
  • Milspec and combat sight backup iron sights
  • Akimbo iron Sights
  • Any Boost, Any gun
  • Unique icons for most of the brand new attachments
  • A small amount of extra ammunition types

Known Issues

  • A questionable amount of weapons will have the vertical grips like the Akimbo smgs, Jacket's piece and the Mac-10 as attachable options because thats how it is on the files already.
  • There WILL be out of sync reload animations at times on weapons with forced extra mags that usually don't have them. (G36, AUG and HK16)
  • Bipoding with the KSP58 and ADSing will not look very good.
  • SCAR-L Kit is not ready since it was accidentally added in. Do not use it yet since it will cause crashes.
  • Equiping the m14 with the scopemount with either a milspec and a combat sight will cause crashes.
  • There WILL be clipping issues on certain attachments.
  • Using any rebalance mods will collide with this. You gotta ask the person who makes a rebalance mod to add support for this mod as a toggable option.

Not included but recommended:

Download Extra Attachments Complation