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A ChatCommands API to use Commands over the ingame/lobby chat. I decided to write a standard-Command-API to give users the chance to do not have to use lots of different command-syntaxes from different mods.

Since this an easy-to-use API, it'll be easy to implement this api to your code.

This mod will be required soon by: InspirePriority SaveEquipment StealthSync (synchronization overhaul coming soon)

Pre-defined commands:

  • /help [command] -> Prints some information about the given command
  • /mods -> Prints the mods that are currently controllable by commands
  • /modcommands [modname] -> Prints the available commands for the given mod
  • /whoami -> Prints your own peer_id
  • /whois [peer_id] -> Prints the steam name of the given peer_id. Prints "No Name" if there is no player on this peer_id or the given peer_id is yours.

For modders:

A detailed instruction how to implement own commands is in the "ForModders.txt" file.

Installation: As this is a Payday 2 BLT Mod, you need the Payday2-BLT-Mod-System installed. You can download this from

Simply extract the ChatCommands - Folder into the /mods - directory.


Download ChatCommands