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These are quality of life scripts created by Seven. Push-2-hold interaction, Prevent Accidental Grenades, and Voice chat indicator in one folder called Simple functions.

We got this standalone of standalones situation, but if you are interested in having these in one folder and one file to stay organized, this is a good solution.


  • Push-2-Hold : As the name implies, whether you are masking, or pulling a lever, or dropping an equipment or answering the pager, you will only need to press once.

  • Prevent Accidental Grenades : During stealth, this will prevent you from accidentally tossing your explosives. Throwing a grenade or molotov or dynamite will require you to tap twice. This will not affect non-explosive throwables (i.e. shurikens, javelin, cards). Once it goes loud, this script will automatically disable itself.

  • Voice Chat Indicator : Default only has the voice chat icon enabled in the lobby. This mod will enable it in-game where voice chat really needs speaker indicators. This may conflict with huds that may already have this feature.



Download latest Simple Functions

Download Simple Functions