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A PAYDAY 2 Mod to improve the aced Inspire skill: The mod is going to give downed teammates more shout priority in order to revive them instead of intimidating or marking enemies or interact with objects in your close environment.


  • Give the Inspire Skill most Priority while shouting at teammates (only if Inspire [Ace] is skilled, the player aims at the teammate, and the target is in range and downed…)
    -> Players won’t mistakenly intimidate or mark enemies any more if they want to revive teammates.
  • Deactivate any Interactables (Deactivates the usage of Bags, Ammo Bags, Medic Bags, etc.) while the player wants to revive teammates.
    -> Players won’t mistakenly interact with objects while they want to revive teammates.
    -> Usage of medic bags is reenabled if downed 3 (or other set value) times
    -> Manual revive is reenabled if the target has only 2 (or other set value) seconds left until going into custody
    -> This feature can temporary be disabled by holding steel_sight_button (usually right mouse button).
  • [client only] Chat message if the revive attempt was not successfull… (There is only a 70% chance that the attempt is successfull.)
    either in Payday’s „vulgar“ slang or (if set in options) in formal english.

  • All of the functions above can be individually toggled on/off in the options menu

This is NO CHEAT, because the skill itself is not affected. The mod changes only the priority of the different interaction features [clientside]. That’s why this mod works too, even if the host or other teammates haven’t installed InspirePriority! :)

Thanks to: F1rekin (for testing, german translation and some phrases for fail messages)

Installation: As this is a Payday 2 BLT Mod, you need the Payday2-BLT-Mod-System installed. You can download this from

Simply extract the InspirePriority - Folder into the /mods - directory.


Download InspirePriority