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A standalone music mod that offers control over the music you play and adds additional playlists for you to customize. You can mute the Alesso music or rename a song you replaced, or create playlists, or auto-play music.




    TEXT DISPLAY : The mod offers different visual text options when playing music such as 2D Text or Fade Text. This feature can also be disabled.

ASSAULTWAVE DISPLAY : Displays the music stage of the assault wave during a heist, such as stealth (or intro), control, anticipation, and assault.


    RENAME SONGS : The mod offers the option to rename your tracks which is especially useful if you are replacing the default songs.


    MUSIC FREEDOM : You can play heist tracks at the menu screen or play menu tracks during a heist.

MUSIC-LOCKED HEISTS : On maps where the soundtrack options are disabled such as the Alesso heist (or as I like to call them music-locked heists), you can change to a menu track or simply stop music.


    DURATION : The track will switch after the selected duration of time has past. This auto-play feature should work at the menu screen and during heists.

ASSAULT WAVE : The track will switch in between assault waves during a heist. Typically, when SWAT retreats the heist will automatically switch to the control stage and it is at this point where the music will be switched. This auto-play feature only works during heists.

SHUFFLE : This option requires one of the Auto-play features to be enabled. If enabled, during auto-play it will select the music on random. When disabled, it will simply select the next music on the list.


    UPDATE MANAGER : The mod uses the update manager feature which allows me to send out updates using the BLT function which is undoubtly the best feature of using BLT mods.

NEW DLC AND UPDATES : Previously, the mod verified the user's DLC but that's no longer necessary because now the mod simply grabs the finalized list from a function created by OVERKILL that does that already. As a result, the playlists are dynamically created using the latest music list. This should allow the mod to be more compatible with future DLC updates without requiring the update manager.


The mod provides standard controls found on a typical music player.

  • Next Track : Selects the next track to play
  • Previous Track : Selects the previous track to play
  • Random Track : Randomly selects a track to play
  • Stop Music : This function has a toggle ability in which not only stops music but resume it as well. This can also be used in music-locked heists (i.e. Alesso, Shadow Raid, Murky Station, etc) to stop music throughout the entire heist.
  • Change Mode : Changes the stage (or phase) of music such as control, anticipation, or assault.
  • Change Playlist : Rotates through the available playlists including menu and heist playlists. If it is a music-locked heist, then only menu tracks will be available.
  • Quick Menu : An easy access menu that allows you to change music control settings without having to navigate through the game options. It also has a alternative menu that is accessed by holding shift + quick menu keybinding you have set.


Download Music Control