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This mod provides a bunch of new frame rate limit options in addition to the existing ones. Yes, it actually is possible to go beyond 135 fps.

Existing options: 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 105, 120, 135

New options: 144, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250, 275, 300

UPDATE: Because OVK have officially added the 144 and 300 (Unlimited) options in a recent (as at U107) update, this mod may no longer be necessary for you. Going forward, I will be adding more fine-grained options spanning 25 to 60 fps in a future update. Why 25 fps? Because the engine randomly decides to plummet to <1 fps if I go any lower than that. Yes, below 1 fps, with no way to recover apart from terminating the game.



Installation of the mod is straightforward - simply install the mod the same way as any other BLT mod. No configuration is necessary.


  • You must disable vsync for the larger frame rate limits (i.e. greater than your monitor's refresh rate) to have any effect
  • Raising the FPS limit above normal levels forces your computer to work harder than it normally would, causing it to consume more power and generate more heat. Consider this carefully before you proceed to do so.



I am NOT to be held responsible should you somehow kill your computer, experience (power) bill shock, meet aliens, and / or somehow encounter some unfortunate situation with the new options. Your use of the frame rate limit options are entirely at your own risk; if something breaks, that's not my fault. Consider yourself warned!



Please read the disclaimer above before downloading the mod. By downloading and using the mod, you agree that in no event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.


0.0.1 / revision 1:
- Initial release / revision 2:
- Refined code for flexibility in adding new frame rate limit options

Download FPS Cap