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Trip Mine Changes

Demolition Man - Removed
  - Basic: Moved to Shaped Charge Ace
  - Aced: Combined with Hardware Expert Basic
Combat Engineer - Tier 1
  - Basic: Replaces the ability to turn trip mines on/off with a sensory mode
  - Aced: Special enemies that are marked will take 15% more damage
Blast Radius - Tier 2 (Replaces Tactical Mines)
  - Basic: 30% Trip mine explosion radius
  - Aced: 70% Additional trip mine explosion radius
Jack of All Trades - Tier 3
  - Basic: 20% Interaction Speed
  - Aced: Can place both trip mines and sentry guns
Shaped Charge - Tier 4
  - Basic: Trip mines can be used to breach certain safes and doors
  - Aced: 4 more trip mines are added to your inventory

Sentry Gun Changes

Sentry Gun - Tier 3
  - Basic:
    - Can place sentries
    - Sentries come with a shield
  - Aced:
    - 100% Sentry gun accuracy
    - 150% Sentry gun rotational speed
Sentry Targeting Package - Removed
  - Basic: Moved to Sentry Gun Aced
  - Aced:
    - Rotation speed moved to Sentry Gun Aced
    - Additional sentry gun ammo moved to Sentry Munitions Upgrade
Sentry Munitions Upgrade - Tier 4 (Replaces Sentry Combat Upgrade)
  - Basic: 50% Additional ammo in sentry guns
  - Aced: Ability to reload sentry guns with your own ammo
Sentry Tower Defense - Tier 5
  - Basic: Added ability to repair sentries (needs confirmation)

Other Changed Skills

Rifleman - Tier 1
  - Aced: Adds 4 accuracy to assault rifles.
Sharpshooter - Tier 2
  - Basic: Adds 4 stability to assault rifles
  - Aced: Adds 8 accuracy to assault rifles.
Hardware Expert
  - Basic: You can place trip mines 40% faster
Mag Plus - Tier 5
  - Basic: Increases magazine capacity by 20%
  - Aced: Increases magazine capacity by an additional 20% (40% total)

New Skills

Percussive Maintenance - Tier 6
  - Basic: 10% chance to restore 10% of maximum ammo upon scoring a melee kill
  - Aced: 35% chance upon striking a broken drill to fix it
Drop Reloading - Tier 6
  - Basic: 15% Reload speed
  - Aced: 15% Additional reload speed for you and your teammates

Thanks To:

  • Yellow Satan: He helped me with the localization issues I was having as well as the basic skill for Percussive Maintenance
  • SC: Such encouraging words from him
  • asquaredninja: For suggesting Percussive Maintenance
  • Undeadsewer: For helping me with the code for Percussive Maintenance
  • Noep-erino: For being so gracious as to let me borrow some code for Drop Reloading and Mag Plus
  • And everyone else that helped my test the mod with it's various flaws and issues!

Download Technician Rework