Mods LMG Steelsights 0.62

LMG Steelsights 0.62

Download LMG Steelsights 0.62

Adds The ability to Aim down sights on all 5 LMGs. You can now Aim Down Sights while deployed and the deployed spread will act as if you were Aiming down sights.

-New Feature on 0.60!

  • You can now equip scopes on all the LMGs.
  • Buzzsaw's suppressed barrel is now aligned (also its been buffed slightly because you cannot equip scopes because of alignment issues)

The weapons included are:

  • KSP M249
  • Buzzsaw MG42
  • Brenner HK21
  • KSP58 M240

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Download LMG Steelsights 0.62