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Various Text Changes: Reloaded

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Various Text Changes is back!

This mod was last updated during 2015's Crimefest, where it was updated to the 'CS:GO version'. All changes made from that update have been reverted with VTC: Reloaded.

This mod aims to change a lot of different text in the game with a focus on consistency and conciseness, cutting down the wordiness of text and making it both shorter and consistent.

In VTC: Reloaded a lot of newer strings have been changed, as well as a lot of older ones that were either unchanged or changed to something stupid. A lot of heist names, for example, have been reverted to the originals since there was no issue with them. Heists that have had their names changed are heists such as Big Bank or The Diamond, where the name isn't very creative and could be more consistent, for example like Shadow Raid or Firestarter.

All the old versions of this mod, as well as a detailed change log, can be found in this Google Drive folder.

Download Various Text Changes: Reloaded